There are now two ebooks about NUMMES, and they are both available as free downloads. The introduction ebook, “NUMMES – A Vision for Free Global Healthcare Education,” and our statement of intent ebook, “The NUMMES Manifesto.”


NUMMES – A Vision for Free Global Healthcare Education

“In this ebook, I will present you with my vision for NUMMES, an organization intending to provide a global system for healthcare education, all the way from the most basic healthcare staff to being a qualified GP or Emergency Doctor.

NUMMES stands for Nonprofit, Universal, Modular, Medical Education System. The idea is to develop this system with volunteers from the medical world, and set it up as an independent, parallel system. Not to replace our current education, but to work side by side with the existing systems.

This will be a modular system, with thirty levels, with online training, skill training in facilities, and requirements for work experience, plus exams for skills and theory, with certifications, allowing you to rise through the ranks at your own pace and by your own merits.”

Check out this ebook or download here as PDF.



The NUMMES Manifesto

“This is an internal document of the NUMMES organization. It is a collection of the guidelines, principles, and ethics which we use in our daily activities. It is the foundation on which NUMMES is built. We make it available for everyone, because one of our principles is transparency.

The NUMMES Manifesto is not just an explanation to everyone who is curious about what we do and how we do it. Those who work for NUMMES must be fully familiar with its contents, and we will use the manifesto in case of disputes within NUMMES.

This document, The NUMMES Manifesto, may be subject to changes and new versions may be published. In this case, we will always keep the older versions available online as a reference, at www.nummes.org.”

Check out this ebook or download here as a PDF.

Previous versions:
The NUMMES Manifesto Version One
The NUMMES Manifesto Version Two