Dear visitor,

I have recently stopped with what I called “the NUMMES project”. The reason for this decision is that I could not find a group of people who want to commit to investing several hours a week to helping me to develop this vision into a detailed blueprint, and then into a working organization.

I still believe that NUMMES is a good idea, but I cannot do this alone, and I already had to combine this pioneer work with a full-time job and other obligations. It simply doesn’t work anymore to do this alone. I have had stimulating communications with several people, but did not manage to get a team together.

That is certainly no criticism to the people with whom I discussed NUMMES, or the visitors of my website. Maybe the idea is not as good as I think it is, or I don’t inspire enough trust as a layperson to lead this project. Whatever it may be, I take full responsibility for the results that I got.

To those disappointed about this rather abrupt ending of the NUMMES project, I apologize. I realize that I have set certain expectations by promoting NUMMES on blogs, social media accounts, and video websites, and I don’t follow up on these expectations now. I am sorry, please forgive me.

Maybe someone will pick up the idea in the future, or maybe other people will develop other alternatives for healthcare education. The world certainly needs healthcare education, where health is not only the most important consideration, but where it is the only consideration.

All the best and good health to you,
Thijs Hottenhuis

Welcome to the website of NUMMES, which stands for Nonprofit Universal Modular Medical Education system. We represent an alternative healthcare education system. We are not yet an officially accredited organization. Please read our disclaimer.

We offer you three ways to learn more about the NUMMES vision. You can watch a one minute video with an “elevator pitch,” check out a three and a half minute video with a more thorough explanation, or you can get the free ebook with the complete vision.


NUMMES in One Minute



A NUMMES Introduction Video



The NUMMES Ebook

“In this ebook, I will present you with my vision for NUMMES, an organization intending to provide a global system for healthcare education, all the way from the most basic healthcare staff to being a qualified GP or Emergency Doctor.

NUMMES stands for Nonprofit, Universal, Modular, Medical Education System. The idea is to develop this system with volunteers from the medical world, and set it up as an independent, parallel system. Not to replace our current education, but to work side by side with the existing systems.

This will be a modular system, with thirty levels, with online training, skill training in facilities, and requirements for work experience, plus exams for skills and theory, with certifications, allowing you to rise through the ranks at your own pace and by your own merits.”

Check out this ebook.